Common Automobile Fluid Leaks that Require Service

It's not a good thing to notice fluid on your driveway surface after parking your vehicle. Our service technicians at Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center want drivers to know the most common fluid leaks that may require scheduling a check-up at our dealership service department.

Hazy, hot and humid weather conditions, as well as running the air conditioner, usually causes a leakage of water from the vehicle, and it's usually not a sign to worry. Amber to dark brown motor oil leaks may lead to an overheated engine and requires checking out. A coolant leak, usually blue, red, orange or green, can eventually ruin the engine. Red or pink fluid means a transmission leak and a trip to our service department. A warm, greasy fluid means that the gear oil or differential fluid needs attention. And leaks that smell like burnt cooking oil could indicate a power steering fluid issue.

Don't delay in scheduling a service check-up.



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