Plumbers, electricians, delivery companies and other working professionals often need a truck or van to help them carry out their business. The Ram ProMaster vans at Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center are cargo vans that are spacious enough to carry a lot of gear. These vans are rugged, dependable, and capable of handling work.

One of the advantages of owning a Ram ProMaster is that it has front-wheel drive. This allows the vehicle to get superior traction, and it improves the overall handling of the vehicle. The Ram ProMaster is able to turn around in smaller areas, and this helps you to drive in often crowded industrial areas.

In order to help you drive in difficult situations, the Ram ProMaster is equipped with hill start assist. This is very beneficial if you will use the van on steep city streets. The ProMaster's brakes hold on hills until you put your foot on the gas to eliminate rollback.



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