The Jeep brand is legendary for a great many reasons. Outstanding capability features have always been one of its strongest suits. Jeep Compass carries this tradition forward boldly, boasting the kinds of capability features that make our Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center team very excited. The following two Jeep Compass capability features explain our enthusiasm.

Mirrors That Stay Clear 24/7

Compass has heated exterior mirrors with turn signal indicators. Snow, ice and mist are the enemy of exterior mirrors and drivers. A foggy mirror makes it difficult to scope out your blind spot or merge with confidence. Thanks to Compass' heated exterior mirrors, you'll always have a clear view of the road behind you in any weather that Mother Nature dishes.

Championship Handling

?Jeep Compass was built to dominate city roads, country roads and especially places that don't have official roads at all. Compass' precise, masterful maneuverability lets you sidestep rocks, large debris and any other landmark that pops up. Schedule a Jeep Compass test drive today. We can't wait to share the rest of its capability features with you.


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