Whether you choose the SXT, GT or SRT Hellcat, you'll receive a ton of enjoyable features as well as plenty of power. The Dodge Charger offers widebody trims, all-wheel drive and a performance suspension system. Consumers will have access to V8 or V6 engines, and the largest engine will deliver a whopping 707 horsepower.

The interior of this menacing sedan is also based on performance, but it encompasses on a generous amount of luxurious components. The vehicle's leather-trimmed seats will come equipped with heated/ventilated function. Sport and performance-inspired seats are available to your liking. The Dodge Charger also has a customizable display screen that's touch sensitive. Voice command and hands-free capability is possible thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. You can even read messages by touching the display screen. There's also HD radio, Apple CarPlay and premium audio.

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