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Find your pot of gold with the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Everyone's ideal pot of gold is out there, waiting to be discovered at the end of its rainbow. The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, in our opinion here at Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center, is the perfect means to find your pot of gold.


Our pot of gold is a little muddy. ??: Ryan R.

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is patiently awaiting your arrival here at our Durango showroom and we think you'll be quite pleased by the perf\

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Jeep Lineup Undergoes 75th Anniversary Makeover

After three power-packed quarters of a century, the Jeep brand continues its unparalleled on- and off-road success. How does America's favorite 4x4 brand plan to celebrate? By producing an entire 75th anniversary special-edition lineup. You know what they say: go big, or go home. Well, no one is going home this spring, that's for sure. Learn more about the features and design included in this upcoming lineup when you check out the article below from

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