You notice that your neighbors have a certain taste in the automobiles they like to purchase. The taste they have isn't shared by you. You like a vehicle full of safety features. A notion such as this one has led you to notice plenty of Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid vehicles on the road in Durango, CO. Curiosity has led you to the right place with this outstanding minivan hybrid.

Drive Easy

Assistance comes on many levels in the Pacifica depending on what you want as a driver. If you want Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist for added help, then this feature will make parking a breeze. Find the perfect spot in the city.

Full-Speed Forward Collision with Active Braking allows audible and visual warnings to go off to let drivers know when the vehicle is too close to another. The system will automatically brake if needed. Come take a test drive to appreciate the safety features of the Pacifica. We at Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center sure do.



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