Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced

Your tires are the glue that makes your car go forward. There is little point in having a stellar engine and transmission if the four wheels that you rely on to get you from one location to the next are worn. Many drivers, unfortunately, know the importance of having good tires but lack the knowledge to understand when it’s time to replace them.

One of the primary signs that your tires need replacing is a low tread. The rigid pattern that makes up the inner parts of your tires are not just there for style. Low tread could mean that there is extreme wear that makes it dangerous for you to drive the car to work or school. A poor tread could also be an indication of underinflation or misalignment, which can lead to tire damage not limited to uneven wearing.

Cracked tires are another sign that it may be time to invest in new rubber around the wheels. You should contact a professional immediately if you spot cracks or small holes in the outer parts of your tires.

Summer is the time when most tires give in to the pressure of additional cargo and extra road trips. You do not want to be among the thousands stuck on the side of the road because you ignored the warning signs of worn rubber. Stop by Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center in Durango today to have a professional assess the tread and overall life of your tires.
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